somatic coaching

The body and mind are inseparable. If your body is tense, stressed, under constant pressure and energetically depleted, and your head is constantly busy with thoughts that wind you up, where is the space for creativeness, a proactive approach to issues that are important to you? From where can you get energy? The source is within you. How do you regain balance and return to it when you notice that you need it? Somatic coaching is my proposal.

Under somatic coaching – I combine work with the tools offered by craniosacral therapy and coaching in a cognitive approach.

What does it give you? It supports your health because it releases tension and balances the nervous system, strengthens the body’s vital life force. All the abilities and resources we need to stay healthy are present in the body. The techniques that are used during the sessions allow these resources to be activated. When your body is relaxed, the well-being improves, and this promotes greater openness and creativity in approaching important topics, motivation to seek creative solutions through coaching.

I know from my own experience that a return to balance is possible, and the release of the body from tension opens up space for creative work. However, this requires your decision and consistency in action, which can be difficult but worth the effort and gives great satisfaction, which is why I invite you to Explore Self with me.

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Creation is revealed in each of us – moment by moment. Creation is constantly emerging from the present. The moment of creation appears at every moment that arises and passes. And it is creation that brings together our experience. It is this innate intention and organization of the human being that, at this particular moment, as a manifestation of the creation of the universe, supports our experience of life.

Franklyn Sills M.A., R.C.S.T.


I offer you a combination of bodywork – craniosacral therapy sessions and cognitive coaching techniques. Working with the body allows initiating the process of seeking balance in our body that is natural and innate. When we are centered and embedded in the body, we become more self-aware and that makes the coaching process more effective. So if you want to:

  • strengthen yourself
  • relax your body tensions
  • calm your mind

in order to

  • regain balance and strengthen health
  • be able to free yourself from the thought-emotion loop
  • manage your emotions, deal better with tension and stress
  • be in tune with yourself and creatively approach life

I invite you to the session! A relaxed body is a creative mind!

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about me

My name is Agnieszka Kowalcze. I am a craniosacral therapist and coach, a biologist by profession, and a manager with several years of experience in management and cooperation with international business. I created Explore Self – a Somatic Coaching Practice, whose mission is to support people in the process of discovering their inner potential, strengthening health and a sense of well-being in personal and professional life. I believe that we have everything we need to live a good life.

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