explore self - the journey into you

I work with people who want to take responsibility for the pain they feel in their body, especially chronic or autoimmune, because they are tired of their powerlessness. They want to meet what hurts in the body and by working with the body to immerse themselves in their inner reality in order to find the their true self and to begin to free themselves from suffering. I support them in dealing with the tension accumulated in the body, releasing blockages so that they can regain energy and joy of life.

This work refers to the wisdom of the body and its original forces of self-healing. It is also a process of discovering inner potential, strengthening health and a sense of well-being in life. I believe we have everything we need for a good life. I work holistically using a variety of techniques and tools that involve three areas: body, mind, and spirit.

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„For me, working with the body is working with the soul, and the imagination is the bridge that connects them.”

Marion Woodman

about me

My name is Agnieszka Kowalcze I support people who are struggling with various forms of pain in the body and by working with the body they want to start freeing themselves from suffering. I help them to cope with the tension accumulated in the body, to release blockages so that they can regain energy and joy of life.
From my own experience, I know that a return to balance is possible, and the release of the body from tensions, and over time also pain, opens up space for a creative and good life. However, it requires your decision and consistency in action, which can be difficult, but worth the effort and gives great satisfaction. I invite you to explore and work together.

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In my work, I mainly use craniosacral therapy (TCK), vibrationand sound of Tibetan bowls, meditations and visualizations. I also use exercises that harmonize the work of the autonomic nervous system and move the energy blocked in the body and promote its flexibility. I invite you to the session.

  • strengthen yourself
  • relax your body tensions
  • calm your mind

in order to

  • regain balance and strengthen health
  • be able to free yourself from the thought-emotion loop
  • deal better with tension and stress
  • be in tune with yourself and creatively approach life
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