Everything is connected

Body and mind are inseparable. Everything that happens in life, and especially in the body, begins in consciousness. The natural state of the body is balance. When we respond with acceptance and in an optimal way to various situations that arise in our lives, we remain in harmony. When there is tension or an inability to solve a problem, our thoughts and emotions provide internal information to our nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. It causes the stress to be felt with the whole body. If such a state lasts a long time, our suffering begins to manifest itself with health and pain problems. Healing is a return to harmony, a feeling of being whole and accepting changes.

Pain in the body is the soul’s cry for attention, a request to go deeper and listen to what is and what we do not give ourselves, but what we really need. It is impossible to accept life as it is and the fact that life is movement, and movement is constant change. There is nothing permanent.

What you need the most is to delve into yourself, discover your inner reality, then you have all the answers. This moment is a turning point, a decision – either to live in suffering or the beginning of everything – a new birth.

how do I work

I work holistically, using various techniques and tools that cover three areas: body, mind and spirit. I mainly use craniosacral therapy (CST), vibration and sound of Tibetan bowls, meditation, and visualization techniques. I also use exercises that harmonize the work of the autonomic nervous system and move the energy blocked in the joints and help to make the physical body more flexible.

I help to relax the body so that it can begin to release the tension and blockages that have accumulated over the years, and you begin to learn to feel the sensations that flow from your body. In this way, you build contact with yourself and your needs, you experience being present in the body. What is important in this work is the butterfly touch, which is very delicate and often barely perceptible on the body. Such a touch is non-imposing, open to signals from the body, it does not force anything, it only encourages the body to cooperate on its terms.

By releasing the body from tensions and blockades accumulated over the years, we open ourselves to health, vitality, and the world around us. Sometimes changes happen on subtle levels that we ourselves don’t immediately notice. Awareness of the body and its sensations gives the opportunity to deepen the perspective of your inner reality.

You will start noticing how you are influencing the pain you feel in your body. What do you create yourself? How attached are you to it? Maybe you derive some benefits from suffering that you are not aware of?

When you learn to observe your body’s reactions during the session and later in your daily practice, you will find that you will function in the world and in your daily contacts with other people with greater awareness.

Everything is connected – our thoughts, emotions, body. As we work with the body, release blocked energy, and release tensions, our internal system begins to regain balance and we start to feel better. Our awareness of the body also strengthens our awareness of ourselves as a whole – to what we think and how we think, what emotions we feel and how we react to them.

You can actively influence and change the pathways of your thoughts, and hence the emotions associated with them, and the effects will be felt in your body’s physiology. You will create a new quality of your presence in the outside world. You will become a creator of your reality and not only its impersonator.

Gradually, step by step, you will begin to relieve yourself of suffering and pain because you no longer need it. You will calm your mind and overwhelming thoughts and start learning to sense the signals that your body sends you. This will allow you to better cope with tension and stress. You will gain a more creative approach to life and strengthen your health. I will support you with my knowledge, experience and empathy as well as objective observations and motivation. I expect responsibility and involvement in the process from you. I know how you feel because I have come this way too. 

My recommendation for the process is a cycle of min. 6 sessions at one and a half weeks intervals. In the periods between sessions, you practice the assigned exercises.

Individual sessionsEthics principles

In my work, I apply the following principles:

  • confidentiality and security of information provided by the Client,
  • clearly defined rules of cooperation,
  • presenting my competences and experience in a clear and not misleading manner
  • care for the good of the Client during cooperation,
  • respecting the Client’s right to end the process at any time,
  • if needed recommending the support of other specialists

customer experience

pain is information

Pain is information from the body that we want to decode. To do this, you need to delve into your inner reality and look for answers to the questions: what do I not accept in my life? What do I not have permission for? Where do I resist? The tension associated with it, if these are issues that strongly move you emotionally, is brought by the conscious mind to the level of the body and manifests itself in pain, often chronic, or illness. In this way, your mind wants to protect you and will do everything to keep you “safe”. What we do not accept, why we resist is for some reason very painful for us and most often we prefer not to face it.

It takes time and readiness to welcome and accept the truth, which can be difficult and painful, but at the same time liberating and healing.

You give yourself this time and space by working through the body with craniosacral therapy techniques and learning to feel sensations from the body and build mindful contact with the body. Blockages and tensions that exist in the body and limit free flow are released, and thanks to this, they rebuild and strengthen the body’s resources. The body begins to recover its energy, a space for healing opens.

Working with the body through therapy and your own practice is working with the unconscious mind, that is, the one that functions and reacts beyond our conscious control. Our body, especially the autonomic nervous system, reacts to stimuli from the external environment and from inside our body and scans them for signs of safety, danger and threat to life. Only later do we process these stimuli with our “thinking” part, if we can.

Stress associated with pain, inflammation that happens in the body makes the autonomic nervous system not function properly. The sympathetic system can be overactive, and with chronic states we can stay in a state of freezing the parasympathetic system for longer. This situation also stimulates the hyperactivity of the endocrine system, the so-called HPA-stress axes and affects the functioning of the whole body, because everything is interconnected.

Therapy is aimed at supporting the body in the process of balancing and harmonizing the work of the autonomic nervous system, so that it does not introduce the body into a state of constant sense of danger.

It is impossible to “invent” a way to feel safe from the level of the head, because it is in the body. So we need to actively work with the body and teach the body to calm down, to be able to return to the “here and now” in safety and contact with the environment.

During the session, I also include exercises that will help you feel more present, calmer and grounded, which will support your return to the body. It is important that you practice them also between sessions. Systematic work will bring long-term results. It is only through such actions that our system truly calms down and experiences a sense of security, passing into a permanent state of health.

I do not encourage you to abandon the treatment. Any changes to medication should be consulted with your doctor. Perhaps at some of the stages there will be a need to work as a psychologist or psychotherapist, then I will talk about it. At every stage of your process, you are responsible for your health and well-being.


about craniosacral therpy

„The body never lies – it is shaped around what we are inside. […] When we hold the body in a special way because of our beliefs, fears and emotions, all tissues take a form that will sustain this state of mind” Michael Kern D.O., R.C.S.T

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) is an integration therapy that refers to the primary self-healing forces of the body. It enables the natural mechanisms in the body to regain balance, cope with the adverse effects of stress and strengthen the body’s resources. The therapy is felt as deeply relaxing – it calms you down, removes muscle tension, gives a sense of regeneration and a feeling of flow of vital energy in your body and sometimes emotional release, that is the expression of emotions associated with some difficult experience from the past, which somehow blocked were “trapped in the body”. BCST helps restore nervous balance.


customer experience

“Agnieszka was recommended by my personal/business coach. My goal for these sessions were to help me deal with some personal problems, issues that were impacting my behavior and the wellbeing of my family. Thanks to the work done with Agnieszka through a series of carefully guided in-person meetings and craniosacral therapy, I was able to figure out how I can tackle the difficult situations I encounter daily. Agnieszka is really professional and at the same time friendly and open. The therapy sessions with her offer a very relaxing atmosphere in a cozy studio. For me this is obviously “the starting of a journey” and not a “job done”, but I can say that Agnieszka really helped me and I can confidently recommend her.” – Giulio


“The craniosacral therapy at Agnieszka’s practice brings me very measurable effects, both on the physical and mental level. I am already after 5 sessions, over an hour each, and I must admit that each of them was a completely different experience in terms of what I sensed in my body and their results, although they all seemed to me to be quite similar from the therapist side.

The first session was the least pleasant. During this session and after it, the reaction of my body was very strong. Thanks to a possibility to consult the issue over the phone with Agnieszka, I knew how to read the symptoms and how to deal with them at home. The second session has brought ease on both physical and mental levels – there has been a significant improvement. Next sessions began to strengthen functions of various organs, which I felt as strong heat and vibrations in the given area. In addition, after each session I felt calmness, ease and great mood.

I think that the craniosacral therapy brings great benefits to people who have a sensitive nervous system, including HSP (hyper sensitive person) people. First of all, because our nervous system simply needs this type of regular strengthening, and we don’t have many offers available on the market to meet this need. The human nervous system is just as important as the digestive or circulatory system, and yet we are not able to take care of it properly. Secondly, we are more sensitive to changes and stimuli coming from the therapy itself (during sessions), that is why we see big differences “before and after”, felt as really a significant improvement after each session. It is very satisfying for us and gives a sense of money well spent.

Since I experienced craniosacral therapy, thanks to Agnieszka, I know that this therapy is a must be on my list of fixed points of taking care of myself and my health. Agnieszka’s mindfulness, knowledge and commitment, as well as the opportunity to discuss the the session with Agnieszka afterwards, make me feel safe and being taken care of . I recommend everyone try it at least once.” Martyna Mazela


“Before I came to Agnieszka for a craniosacral therapy session, I didn’t know anything about this method. I went experimentally, because I had trouble sleeping for a quite some time, and Agnieszka inspired my trust. Good energy, warmth and attentive approach towards the client are Agnieszka’s main features – crucial to me. Already after the first session, during which I felt my body responding to Agnieszka’s touch, a sleep came. There is a conversation before and after the “procedure”. First introductory and then summarizing the process. If there is such a need, Agnieszka also does classic coaching. 🙂 In addition to that, a cosy studio and affordable price. I highly recommend it.” Paulina Bocheńska