About me

Explore Self - Pracownia Coachingu Somatycznego

My name is Agnieszka Kowalcze, I am a craniosacral therapist, coach, biologist by education, as well as a manager with several years of experience in management and cooperation with international business in the areas of business development, PR and public affairs. I created EXPLORE SELF – Somatic coaching practice whose mission is to support people who are struggling with various forms of pain in the body – often chronic and autoimmune pain, and by working with the body they want to immerse themselves in their inner reality to find their true self, and start freeing themselves from suffering. I help them release the accumulated tensions and blockages in the body so that they can regain energy and joy of life. It is also a process of discovering inner potential, strengthening health and a sense of well-being in life. I believe we have everything we need for a good life.

From my own experience, I know that a return to balance is possible, and the release of the body from tensions opens up space for creative life. However, it requires your decision and consistency in action, which can be difficult, but worth the effort and gives great satisfaction. It is worth working with yourself and on yourself with openness and honesty, but also gentleness towards yourself. When you cross this threshold, there will be no return to the old you. It’s a journey for the whole life.

How did it all start?

My change started when my body said stop and treated me to 2 years on crutches. First, without an obvious injury, my right knee swelled, I could not walk, doctors, examinations, hospital. Diagnosis – nonspecific inflammation of the knee joint. It was not known where this inflammation came from, which in addition responded poorly to drugs. Rehabilitation lasted a year and when I was going straight, on a walk I broke my ankle in the leg. Plaster, rehabilitation and suspiciously long-lasting inflammation. Doctors couldn’t say what made the inflammation last so long. Another year of rehabilitation. After 2 years of walking on crutches, from overload there was inflammation in the wrist and 3 fingers of the left hand. There were problems with the other foot. I spent a fortune on treatment, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and depression, because it was getting better and suddenly  something happned again.

As a person’s body hurts, the perspective of what is important in life and what makes sense changes, especially when it is not known what causes the disease and how to treat it. As if it were something specific, you can approach it as a task to do, swallow the pills and that’s it. Not knowing was the most difficult experience for me, as well as accepting powerlessness and surrendering to what is, because nothing can be planned. Of course, there is family, friends, acquaintances who want to help, support, but at some point a you begin to withdraw, eventually you experience it by yourself only. Theoretically, you can “console” yourself that there are people who have it worse, but the truth is that in such a situation my problems become the most important, because they are mine. Thinking about life in this way, I began to realize more and more that despite the positive advantages, my work ceased to please me. It took me a long time to admit to myself that this place was no longer for me. At the beginning, in order not to think about it so much, I decided to work less, have more different interests and time for myself, as various wise people advise, and focus on the search for health on my own, because already at the ankle stage I felt internally that something is on with these injuries, that they are not just mere coincidences. In my research, I came across a large topic called total biology, also called psychobiology, which defined disease in a new way for me. I was so drawn in that I graduated from a one-year academy on psychobiology. I looked from a different perspective on myself, the body, the connections between the physical body, mind and spirit. Psychobiology opened the door to a completely different world for me. Then I started, albeit unconsciously, to move towards my new career path, but at that time I didn’t even know it, I just wanted to be healthy.

According to psychobiology, illness is the result of suffering because reality is not in line with our expectations. Strong emotions that have not been expressed, experienced due to some difficult event for us, e.g. death or illness of a loved one, accident or other, from our perspective, a dramatic situation – e.g. job loss, marital problems, etc., can activate in our body a conflict manifesting itself as a disease. This is the body’s way of solving our emotional problem and is intended to relieve the brain of stress so that our body survives. Pure biology and precision, because the organ or system is not random. I also learned that emotions are stored not only in the brain, but also at the level of our cells in the body and that our body has its own memory. If overwhelming emotions have been suppressed rather than lived and released, they can be stored in different parts and systems of the body and generate health problems. It makes you think. I realized that I had to learn to be more aware of my emotions, the reactions of my body, and if I can’t look for support for myself or some method that will appeal to me.

Craniosacral therapy spoke, after the first session with the therapist. I knew that I had to learn it and I did. It is an integrative therapy that refers to the primary self-healing forces of the body. It takes into account the fact that everything is interconnected, and our bodies, like everything else, are made of energy. The balance in our body is very delicate and easy to disturb. Tensions and blockages form in the body for various reasons – unreleased emotions, injuries, surgeries, etc. For the body, it is a form of trauma, and craniosacral therapy is a kind of subtle massage that supports the body in the process of releasing them and in order to return to the primordial balance in a very gentle and non-invasive way.

My health problems also made me look at myself and the reality around me from a more spiritual perspective, that everything happens for a reason. There was a big change in me. My self-awareness increased. Relatives and friends also noticed the change.

So I began to wonder if I could use the acquired knowledge not only for my own needs, but also for other people. So I decided to create a new profession. I left my old job in 2018 and has started to learn this new approach. I do it to this day and with this in mind I created Explore Self, which I have been developing since 2019.